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We didn't have to go far to get inspiration for this design. Our house seems to be surrounded by plants that go unnoticed for much of the year. However, suddenly, when autumn makes its appearance and the creeper changes color to a beautiful red it's like our neighborhood is on fire, literally. It was an ordinary day like any other. It was one of my daughter's first days at school so the routine was somewhat new to us. My son and I had left home far too early to collect her: Partly because we could hardly wait to hear how much fun she had had that morning, and partly because we greatly overestimated the time it would take us to make the 500 meter commute to her school gate. As we waited for time to pass, we walked around the block a few times. I quickly noticed just how many wild vine plants were around.
These leaves are made from plastic!
My son must have been thinking something similar to me. He approached the leaves and commented on the richness of their color- in the best way that he could, of course; "fireman Sam helmet red". I could not have thought of a better analogy.
For this design we wanted to stick as close to reality as possible. Following the forms we had observed both in reality and in the photographs we took that morning, we set about sketching various leaf forms. We noticed how the perspective had a huge influence on the apparent size of the leaves and so as realistically as possible we set about capturing the cascading plant. Each leaf was drawn individually as the heterogeneity of form was so obvious and therefore could not be ignored.
Wallpaper color
It was clear from the beginning that there would be a couple of versions of this design. We couldn't ignore the boldness of the natural colors of the leaves and so a natural starting point was a fiery red. We added a touch of pink to an otherwise pure red, the result was our starting background. Again we set about to capture the individuality of the cascading leaves. Therefore, we developed a range of different tones. Our starting point was our background red/pink. We then set about adding varying combinations and degrees of white, orange, brown, red and pink. Each leaf received its own color, which in our view contributed to capturing the texture of the plant.
As a second version of the design, we wanted to further accentuate the intense color of the leaves. We therefore painted the background with a pale blue/green tone, symbolizing a mixture of sky (blue) and plant (green). The leaves were again shaded individually. This time, the leaf colors were obtained through a mixture of reds, oranges, browns and yellows. We feel that the complementarity of the blue/green and orange colors create a strongly contrasting but warm pattern.
Despite the beauty of the bold color designs above, we are fully aware that as a wallpaper design, they are probably not everyone's taste. We therefore worked hard on finding a compromising color scheme that accentuates the beauty of the design but with a more muted palette. To instill a certain warmth in this pattern, we started with a very pale pink background tone. Once we had identified the pink we wanted to go with, we lightened it further until it was closer to an off-white than a pale pink. For the leaves we used a mixture of pinks, browns, greys, yellows and white. The combination is designed to create and intimate and relaxed atmosphere. We believe this wallpaper will bring a touch of interest to any room without feeling too overpowering.