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Wallpaper galore
It's all about wallpaper at the moment. I've almost become possessed. It all started a couple of months ago when, one Wednesday afternoon, I made a cup of tea, and for the first time that I can remember (at least in the last 5 years), I could sit down at home and open a magazine. I did not get much further than a couple pages in, but still, the significance of opening up adult reading material during the day is huge. It was a décor magazine and the article I stumbled upon was about the comeback that wallpaper is making. It intrigued me. Half way through the first paragraph I had to put it away and tend to my kids that were about to kill one another. Nevertheless that article has stuck with me ever since and I keep finding myself digging it out when I get a minute of peace and calm.
We moved into our apartment, our first family home, shortly after #2 arrived. Three years have since passed in the blink of an eye, but I still find myself thinking about how spaces will be filled- when I find the time.…. I never find the time. One of these spaces is a wall in our living room. It is quite large, so a simple painting/ picture or even collection thereof just doesn't do it justice. Trust me: I have tried. Leaving the wall bare is also not really an option as it makes the room feel so "unfinished". It has been driving me nuts over the years. While I have tried all sorts of things, nothing has ever felt quite right.
I keep going back to this article, and it finally hit me. This wall must be covered with wallpaper. There is no other option. I have since become obsessed with researching wallpaper designers and producers. Finding the right print and color to fill the wall has been no easy feat, but I am getting there. The process has provided huge inspiration for me though. In fact it made us do a 180 in terms of where we were originally going with Koivikko. However, I feel passionately that this is the right thing to do. Moreover, importantly, my daughter agrees. She believes we should look no further for our wall covering, she has produced something that would fit perfectly: filling the room with love.