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Lugano Lugano
There's no place quite like Lugano: especially with kids, and especially around Easter time. I've done quite some extensive research as to where to go, when, and somehow as soon as Easter rolls around, I'm really stuck for options. Most cities are either too packed, too cold still or then they simply shut down for four consecutive days. That may be great for a bit of much needed R&R, but small kiddos need action.

Lugano most definitely provides and never disappoints. Each year the city goes to great lengths to organize all sorts of entertainment and treats for the little ones, something they call "Pasqua in CittĂ ". This year was no exception. From a myriad of entertainment on Piaza Manzoni to the annual Easter egg hunt ending with chocolate treats in the beautiful Parco Ciani, the kids were spoilt for things to do and see. Ill admit that the weather this year could have been better. But, having spoken to friends, I appreciate it could also have been a lot worse.
In our experience, Easter Sunday in Lugano has always been synonymous with the first warm sunny day of the year. Probably because of our luck with the weather, our Easter Sunday tradition has therefore evolved into something that looks quite different from your typical Easter Sunday tradition. Before most locals have managed to have their obligatory morning espresso, we are already waiting to hop on the early bird boat. Two excited kids, kitted out with their new sun caps and sun glasses and looking ultra-cool, together with their grandparents in tow, we head off to Swiss Miniature.

This place is amazing and it's so fun to see how, from year to year, the children's interests change. This year's theme was clearly "anything that moves". They were so fascinated by how the miniature transportation system works. Running around like little headless chickens the kids just couldn't get enough of the trains, cars and boats. Their excitement was heartwarming.
Once we finally managed to peel them away from the museum, we hopped on another boat to Marcote. Once voted the most beautiful village of Switzerland, this little gem is considered "The Pearl of Ceresio". It may be small, but it has so much character with its small alleys, arcades of old patrician homes and relaxing botanical park. An ice-cream stop after lunch is always on the cards and the flavours on offer never cease to amaze. Our adventurous 5-year old chose "Puffo" (smurf) ice cream this year. She seemed to enjoy it, even if- according to my husband- it could more accurately be described as "watered-down ouzo mixed with grape juice". Each to their own…

It's always a chore to tear ourselves away when it's time to head back to Lugano. But we can count on the fact that the kids will sleep well after such a long and exciting day under the Lugano sun.
Thanks for another great Easter weekend Lugano, see you next year!