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Fiesta forever
Today is the big day. The presents are ready and the balloons are up. The cake is iced and awaiting approval. I am hopeful that it meets all the criteria: four shades of pink and it has to touch on the flamingo theme. Only time will tell though.

I am slightly nervous. It will be the first party "without" parents, and now, suddenly three hours seems like a very long time. Of course, I have thought up all sorts of party games. I have made a detailed time schedule, wrapped the pass the parcel in umpteen layers of newspaper, and created a child-friendly play list. Nevertheless, I will have six kids under the age of six, under my supervision, for one whole afternoon.
Am I five yet?
The birthday girl woke me up this morning with squeals of excitement. Am I five yet? The question was to be expected given the hype that has filled our house in the run up to this, much like any other, birthday. She would have to wait a couple more hours for it to be official, but that was good enough for her.

It was heartwarming to watch how excited she was about her special day and how she went about including her little brother in the preparations. She had assembled a glitter crown for the occasion, and one for him to match. She excitedly announced that they needed their nails painted and prepared a spa style waiting area where they could sit and chat while their nail polish dried. As they waited, they discussed their party outfits. She wanted to look like a flamingo princess, while he would be Spiderman.

Not long now until her friends arrive. The countdown has begun. Wish me luckā€¦.