Simple but significant
Koivikko is a Nordic-Swiss love affair through and through. Based in Zürich, but with its roots firmly planted in Finland, Koivikko is a young startup that strives to create feel-good printed fabrics by combining bold and cheerful colors with simple patterns.

The idea of Koivikko was born from the realization that there is a need for young, vibrant, fresh patterns on the market. Our name, Koivikko meaning birch grove, represents our vision. Bright and beautiful the birch is a pioneer. Its striking shape bestows year-round beauty. Symbolically, the birch represents new beginnings.

Our aim is to create fabrics that bring spaces to life, adding a touch of color and fun. Endeavoring to bring the beauty of the outside, inside, our patterns are created by transforming nature's hidden patterns into simple, vibrant and functional designs. Our unique patterns are hand drawn and created to repeat. Each design has its own story. Each design is simple but significant.